Wednesday, June 19

5 Important Tips For Entering Writing Competitions

Writing competitions are great because you can win the ultimate prize and this amazing event will help you grow as a writer. Furthermore, not all contests are equal and you will always get something new from every competition you participate in. if you are thinking about entering a contest, there are a few tips you should consider for submission success. They include the following. 

Know Your Goals

You need to understand what you really want to achieve if you want to get more out of your writing submission. If you want to get helpful feedback from the judges, you should not just throw your work together. If your main aim is to make money by winning writing competitions, then you need to expand your current submission base. You should also check the submission fees before you submit any work as this may eat up your profits if the work is accepted. If your goal is to improve your writing skills, then you should look for contests that provide feedback. There are many contests that offer feedback to every writer that enters. 

Follow the Rules

Regardless of where you submit your work, you must understand all the submission guidelines. Most writing competitions have different requirements and set of rules for the submissions they accept. In most cases, you will get an automatic pass if you follow the set rules. However, if you ignore the guidelines, there is a high chance that your submitted work will not even be read by anyone. As a result, you will end up wasting a lot of time or even money with no results to show. 

Deadlines are Great

For every writer, deadlines are your friend. This is because when you have a deadline for submitting the work to a contest, you will write better and faster. Writers need to set their own deadlines too as it will help you hold yourself accountable. You will achieve whatever you want to achieve and submit your piece on time. No writer wants to miss out on a submission deadline and lose your entry fees just because you could not keep up with the set deadlines. 

Not all Feedback is Good or Helpful

When entering writing contests, most writers always expect feedback, especially if they are paying for the feedback. However, you should remember that not all the feedback you get on your submission will be helpful. Always remember that not everyone will love your work and some editors may just give you a one sentence feedback. Before entering contests, especially those that you expect helpful feedback from, you should do your research. You can achieve this by checking online, talking to other writers, or listening to the experience of other people. 

The Subject Should Be Fun to Write About

When looking for writing competitions to participate in, you should go for those that the subject is something you enjoy. If you are not feeling great about the subject matter, you may end up providing a submission that is below the standards. Most editors and publishers will not like your work if you as a writer do not like it. Furthermore, you may struggle a lot and spend lots of time on the work if you are not excited about it. Always be sure that you are excited about the work you are submitting. 

As a writer, you need to keep writing if you want to get better at your craft. Submitting your work to contests is one great way to achieve this. Ensure that you research extensively to find some great writing contests that provide excellent feedback. There are lots of writing opportunities with subjects that you enjoy writing on. Take part in competitions today and become a better writer.