Monday, April 15

5 Reasons to Monitor Employee Communications

There are dozens of reasons why employers must monitor their workers regularly, ranging from minor office concerns to legal reasons. Keeping them out of trouble for your company’s well-being, including their own, is vital.

Besides their office behavior, you should also secure instant messaging for business. In this digital age, most conversations are carried out through online platforms, such as WhatsApp and Viber.Keeping tabs on what your workers post on social media apps would be best.

If you haven’t implemented a proper SMS monitoring policy in your office, here are five reasons you should now:

Risk Mitigation

It is easy to hide misconduct digitally. Many instant messaging platforms allow users to permanently delete messages, which means you won’t be able to see them or have any proof during investigations.

By strictly monitoring employee communications, you can identify insider issues – like threats, misconduct, and non-compliant behavior –and take immediate action.

Maintain Workplace Standards

It is without a doubt that texting can quickly become a distraction in the workplace. With instant messaging becoming more accessible for users, the chance of decreased productivity rises.

To prevent workers from getting preoccupied with chatting, make it a habit to monitor their communications and ensure they are only using it for professional purposes during work hours.

Plus, monitoring preserves respectful work culture and a culture of compliance.

Prevent Harassment

Often, SMS is being used by employees to bully or discriminate against their co-workers. Monitoring can prove instrumental in deterring such behavior within the workplace, keeping your workers and customers safe from possible abuse.

All documentation is also helpful as evidence in case of complaints or legal disputes, ensuring a fair and just resolution.

Protect Company Image

With efficient employee communications monitoring measures, you can prevent unwanted incidents from impacting your company. Your company can steer clear of disastrous public relations that could ruin your brand.

This fosters a sense of trust and security among your stakeholders, including customers and business partners.

Regulatory Compliance

In truth, employee communications monitoring is not an optional action. Regulatory bodies like the SEC, FINRA, GDPR, and HIPAA mandate supervision of all conversations in businesses of various sectors.

Failing to provide proof of effective monitoring and message archiving can result in fines, penalties, and legal action.Hence, you should partner with LeapXpert to help you maintain compliance and responsible communications. Book a demo today for a secure tomorrow.