Tuesday, June 11

6 Best Things to Do In and Around Medan

At 2 hours away from Jakarta by flight, Medan and its surrounding regions make an ideal getaway whether you are looking to indulge in gastronomic experiences or breathtaking sights. Keep reading to uncover inspiration for your next long weekend getaway. Below, we’ll be covering things to do in and around Medan city as well as epic views that you can find just a couple of hours drive away.

  1. Indulge yourself at a JW Marriott for below $75 a night

Though a night in JW Marriott Singapore prices more than S$200, you can indulge in a luxurious night at a much cheaper rate (under $74) in Medan. With 5-star amenities and service, there isn’t a reason to stay somewhere else. Individuals ready to book a little more on the rooms could be rewarded with an insane view of the city.

  1. Have breakfast at Bihun Bebek Asie

If you ask any local, you’ll be wowed at the most popular food recommendations they can rattle off the top of their heads. Among the more popular Chinese eateries here is Bihun Bibek located only a 15-minute stroll from JW Marriott, we got here to find the entire eatery packed.

  1. Eat Durian at Si Bolang Durian

Si Bolang Durian is a quintessential activity in Medan, and this adorable open-concept durian joint is open 24 hours a day. Pick a bench, snap a few for the gram and satisfy your cravings. From Chinese dishes to 24-hour durian shops, you can spend an entire day eating six meals, and you still wouldn’t have scratched the surface of meals gems in this city.

  1. Visit the House of Medan’s most prominent Chinese merchant, Tjong A Fie Mansion

This unassuming two-storey mansion belonged to a Hakka retailer in the 1900s. Walk-in and you’ll be amazed at the design and architecture of the century-old mansion, delicately preserved to its authentic glory.

The place has 35 rooms altogether, and one of his grandsons still resides in a closed-off part of the chemicals For Rp35,000 ($2.5). You will have to tour some of the grandest rooms such as the ballroom, the dining room and Tjong A Fie’s bedroom that’s easily more massive than any bedrooms.

  1. Check in to a room with stunning views of Lake Toba at Taman Simalem Resort

Situated in 1200-metres above sea level, Taman Simalem Resort makes a popular getaway for the neighbourhood locals Medan since it offers a cool escape from the hot bustling town. That aside, it’s one of the best places to experience the beauty of Lake Toba, also called the largest volcanic lake in the world.

The hotel itself offers many activities that will make leaving its chemicals a tricky assignment. Such as take a yoga class on the hills overlooking Lake Toba, sign up for a jungle trek or sit back, and pamper yourself with a relaxing Ayurvedic treatment or Indonesian massage.

6) Catch the sunrise overlooking Lake Toba at One Tree Hill

This one’s a real hidden gem inside Taman Simalem resort. You can find a distinct silhouette of the lone tree sticking out of the hill edge from far. However, the tree is not the main attraction; the sunrise that you can catch in this place is the primary view.

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