Wednesday, June 19

All panicky about your kid’s fancy dress competition, then you have come to the right place

Kids are the most curious & creative beings. To satisfy/put out their creativity, events like fancy dress competitions come into the role. And not only kids are excited about this, but even their parents are also enthusiastic to dress their kids in little Deadpool Costume & spiderman costumes. So this article will give you a good prep session to get your kid all ready for the fancy dress competition with zero hassle because we understand that you’re a little panicky about it. Follow the below steps to be the best:

1. Talk to the teacher or schoo

  • Talk to the teacher or school for clear instructions.
  • Ask them what’s the theme, when is the event? How’s the event going to be organized? & other stuff.
  • Also, take a few suggestions on costumes & more.

2. Select a costume way before the event

  • Rent out a costume way before the event.
  • Check whether the costume is fitting right to your kid or not, how’s the fabric, is it suitable for your kid or not, and most importantly your kid likes it or not.
  • Trending character costumes in the market are Deadpool, Spiderman, Black Widow costume, Wonder Woman, Harry Potter, Shin-chan, Peppa Pig & Nature-related, etc.
  • This tip is to avoid any last-minute changes or hassle.

3. Prepare a placard or board

  • A placard or a board that has some character message can make your kid’s costume more attractive.
  • For instance- If your kid is in a tree costume, the placard or board can say save trees, save the planet slogan. If your kid is in spiderman’s costume, the placard or board can have a spiderman movie dialogue on it.
  • It can add a creative edge, thus increasing your kid’s chances of winning.

4. Add some monologue or a play

  • It can 3X your kid’s chances of winning.
  • Through this, you’re not only making your kid creative but also smart & confident.
  • A monologue can make your kid stand out.
  • Play/Drama can make kids interact, enjoy & work as a team.
  • Judges & other guests will surely enjoy these acts more than other blatant depictions of costumes.

5. Don’t overdo the makeup

  • Make your kids look cute & unique, not tacky.
  • Don’t overdo anything especially makeup, as it can also affect your kid’s sensitive skin.
  • Present your kids in a simple yet creative way.

Bonus Tips

  • Rent out a costume from a good place because some places sell bad or used materials that may not be right for your kid’s skin.
  • Prepare your kid to learn & enjoy the process rather than focusing only on winning the competition.

That is it for now. I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and I believe this article has given you better ideas to be creative & careful with your kid’s fancy dress event prep. Don’t be panicky now. It’s easy-peasy, you’ve got it from here. All the best!!