Wednesday, June 19

Are skinny jeans out of style 2021?

The fashion industry is a dynamic sector whose trends keep changing every minute; however, last year was an exception. The pandemic situation and lockdown restrictions have been tough on the fashion industry over the last year since no events or fashion trends could be conducted in these adverse circumstances. So, people started turning towards softer pants like sweats, knit pants, and leggings as they were forced to stay inside their houses until the situation came under control. People are currently looking for a chance to attend an intimate gathering or a private party to take out their jeans from the dust-filled bottom drawer mainly. So, it is tough to make a final call on skinny jeans considering the situation but let us consider the factors affecting its style statement in 2021.

Current fashion trends:

The Gen Z people and Millennials are the combined group that majorly influence any fashion statement introduced in the industry. Since people are sitting in their homes, the fashion graph has tilted towards comfortable pants and shorts as the newest trend. Some popular shorts and pants trending on Instagram and TikTok include sweatpants, beach shorts, baggy jeans, joggers, and slim boot-cut jeans. The ongoing debate among the Millennials and Gen Z people are regarding skinny jeans and baggy jeans. Gen Z people think that skinny jeans are a dead trend, but the Millennials think otherwise. They are having a hard time letting go of their beloved skinnies as the Millennials were among the first people to start using this classic staple. However, in the present world, people will wear only the clothes that make them comfortable and offer a sizable breathing space, unlike skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans decline:

Social media applications and public forums like Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok have become the prime players for creating and destroying fashion trends in recent times. With many people preferring comfortable and anti-fit clothes right now, skinny jeans have lost a significant portion of their market online and offline. Skinny jeans had a particular impact on women as they were going crazy for over a decade or two from the date of its introduction. Still, now, many women prefer to wear skinny jeans in the modern trend like putting it higher, wearing it looser, or to design it with modern details. Since jeans women clothing, or fashion events are changing towards comfortable clothing, the social media influence (TikTok and Instagram) has made it hard for skinny jeans to stay in trend. And people believe that personal style is more important and cooler than following fashion trends.

Will skinny jeans make a comeback soon?

In fashion, nothing ever goes out of style completely. Skinny jeans are expected to make a comeback when the trend circulates in favor of tight-fitting pants. The straight leg jeans have become the people’s latest love affair as it offers a fitting through the hips and thighs and slightly loose on the calves, just the way everyone wants nowadays. These jeans look modern and project a new style by drawing inspiration from vintage styles and collections. The straight-leg jeans will suit most body types. So, skinny lovers can take a dip at this new trend until their beloved skinnies make a comeback.


The fashion industry is an ever-changing field where today’s fashion trend will disappear within two days or stay forever. In today’s world, we can see those skinny jeans that are not as popular as in old times, but people still purchase these classic items from many stores. Skinny jeans lovers just have to wait for the trend to circulate back to the tight clothing era to enjoy wearing vintage clothing without judgment.

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