Monday, July 22

Band for both Exercise and Health

Bands should be the smallest portable smart devices. You can hardly feel the weight when wearing it. It is small. Its health monitoring function has become more and more comprehensive in recent years. This kind of product has become the new favorite of many young people. Among the many band products, HONOR Band 5 is outstanding. It has concentrated all the advantages of this kind of products. Including AMOLED full touch magic color screen, blood oxygen saturation detection, real-time heart rate monitoring, scientific sleep monitoring, ten exercise modes, multi-scene applications, etc.

Blood oxygen saturation test. HONOR Band 5 measures blood oxygen saturation through multi-light source fusion. It is presented on the screen in percentage form. The test has four gears. The lower the value, the higher the risk. Among them, ≤ 70% belong to red severity level and 90%-100% are green normal.

Scientific sleep monitoring. TruSleep 2.0 technology of HONOR Band 5 can identify the sleep time and wake up time of users. It can judge the sleep state of testers. HONOR Band 5 provides various services to improve sleep quality. After diagnosing symptoms through big data, it provides users with a variety of solutions. Including meditation, music to help sleep, sleep guidance exercises, etc. This is the meaning of band sleep monitoring. It enables users to know themselves in the data. And it improves sleep quality through professional suggestions.

HONOR Band 5 adopts intelligent heart rate monitoring technology. It supports intelligent dynamic 24-hour continuous heart rate measurement. A single heart rate measurement can produce results in seconds. The accuracy can be comparable to that of professional bands.

In monitoring exercise heart rate. The movement track can be watched at any time.  After the run, the health monitoring data will be generated. Users can set the upper limit of heart rate warning according to their actual situation. When HONOR Band 5 monitors that the heart rate exceeds the upper limit, it will issue a warning. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the state in time. And in serious cases, it is necessary to seek medical treatment in time. HONOR Band 5 can be adapted to a variety of exercises to achieve accurate heart rate monitoring.

HONOR Band 5 covers the current popular sports fitness mode. HONOR Band 5 can provide support for both indoor and outdoor sports. And the wearer does not have to carry his mobile phone with him. It can be directly operated on HONOR Band 5. Without operating on the mobile phone. Finally, see the data analysis on the synchronous data to APP. HONOR Band 5 supports 50 m waterproofing. It is also equipped with a six-axis sensor. It can identify the main stroke. And it can record swimming speed, calories, average SWOLF and other data.

Users who buy Band 5 can experience the comprehensiveness of this band. It gives consideration to both sports and health. From heart rate to blood oxygen to sleep. From daily life to exercise and fitness. All kinds of important data of the body are monitored 24 hours a day. And the professionalism is certified by major authoritative organizations. It can protect the health of users.