Wednesday, June 19

Compliance Officer Strategies for the Changing Text Archiving and Call Monitoring Landscape

Throughout the years, corporate communication compliance as a function and company culture have grown more complex. The nuances involved in communication compliance involve the changes in employee behavior and shifting technological makeup as the primary drivers.

These have motivated corporate executives and critical regulators to demand a more proactive role for compliance officers. This demand mainly involves demonstrating more control over internal communications, such as tighter text archiving policies and a more efficient WhatsApp call recording and monitoring system.

Aside from their role to capture voice calls and business-related text messages, compliance officers are also fulfilling related roles involving initiatives in cross-division collaboration. This initiative aligns with the goal of monitoring and mitigating possible communication compliance risks. 

One of the critical issues of concern for many communication compliance officers worldwide is the rapid rise of new laws and regulations. These regulation changes have upended current systems and practices, which present a real challenge not only because it challenges current technological capabilities. This has also muddled the existing chain of command involving privacy and archiving mandates. 

Another factor that compliance officers must account for is the geopolitical situation in the markets in which they are directly and indirectly involved. It is more imperative than ever to be aware of the current business practices of their partner organizations in other regions of the world. This requires them to know foreign or domestic threats, as well as the support of local economic players.

A compliance officer’s responsibility is to consider the possible risks and perform due diligence on the protocols they have with partner organizations in different parts of the world.

The changes in the landscape of modern communication compliance led the way for new strategies involved in text archiving and call monitoring regulations. Businesses must know these changes to adapt to the landscape of organizational communication and grow in the long term.