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Discovering Niagara Falls With The Best Car

The honeymoon of the American state, Niagara Falls is home to the second largest waterfall on the planet. The waterfalls are 167 feet high and have a water flow of over two million gallons of water per second.

Surely each of us has longed to enjoy this natural miracle, which is a dream of many travelers, and one of the reasons to go to Canada, at least once in our lives. Yes, it’s Niagara Falls. But where exactly does this popular tourist destination lie? How best to get to waterfalls? And what else can you visit here? You can read the answers to these questions and much more in our mini-guide to Niagara Falls.

What you should know about Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is located on the border of Canada with the United States and lies on the river of the same nam, Niagara. It is this river that forms the waterfalls by flowing out of Lake Erie and flowing into Lake Ontario. Opting for the Niagara Falls Limo  is the best option in this case.

Niagara Falls has a total of three parts. The largest and best known is called the Horseshoe (Horseshoe Falls) and the vast majority located in the Canadian province of Ontario. Horseshoe is the highest waterfall, its height reaches a respectable 52 meters. This is another waterfall, the American Falls (American Falls). The third and smallest waterfall with the original name of the Bride’s Veil (Bridal Veil Falls) lies on American territory and in New York State. However, the closest of all three waterfalls is the closest to the Bride’s Veil. One of the viewing platforms is built directly above it, so you can let yourself be nicely refreshed. In total, all three waterfalls reach a respectable width of 1200 meters.

How to best get to Niagara?

Niagara Falls has a very favorable location. It is located 130 km south of Toronto , from where it is best and most convenient to use the Queen Elizabeth Way, which takes about 2 hours. We recommend renting a car or arranging a ride.

Hornblower Niagara cruise

The most popular option is a boat trip, the so-called Hornblower Niagara cruise. It is a sightseeing tour of the lake, which is definitely worth it, because the boat will take you directly to the “heart” of the waterfalls and in the summer months it can be nice refreshment. The Hornblower cruise is open from March to November for $ 26.

Is Niagara pass worth it?

Another way to get a closer look at the “Niagara” is to buy a Niagara pass. Its price is around $ 60, but it’s definitely worth taking advantage of, as this price includes admission to a range of attractions. You can take a pipeline trip to the “heart” of the Horseshoe, visit the Niagara´s Fury observation deck, as well as the Butterfly Conservatory and the Floral Snowhouse. In addition, the Niagara pass includes a cable car ride that connects the waterfalls with the town and you can enjoy a great view. And last but not least, you have a free two-day bus service connecting this waterfall with the city center.