Tuesday, June 18

Eight Things In Your Bathroom That You May Not Be Cleaning Enough


Some points in the bathroom need to be cleaned with a certain periodicity, but that often ends up going unnoticed and call a professional like climate control experts amongst many others when there is need for repair. Check out:

  1. The Curtain Or Shower Rail

The rail where the box is installed tends to accumulate water and, because of this, the proliferation of bacteria is easier. Thus, the ideal is that periodic cleaning is done to end this problem. To do this, use a toothbrush, water, and a little detergent, rubbing all corners. Rinse and dry. Then, spray some pure bactericide to kill the rest of the bacteria and let it dry naturally. The curtain rail also deserves attention and can be cleaned simply with a toothbrush, water, and a little detergent. Then rinse carefully and dry.

  1. The Toothbrush Holder

The toothbrush holder is usually not leaked, accumulating water on the bottom and causing bacteria to proliferate. Periodic cleaning will prevent the water from accumulating and also prevent the brushes from being stained and dirty on the underside. For cleaning, use water and detergent, and a soft sponge at least twice a week and throw away the accumulated water daily.

  1. The Bath Loofah

When we use the loofah, we remove dead skin cells. And we leave the loofah inside the box; with this, it will be constantly wet, allowing the proliferation of bacteria. In this sense, it is essential, after use, to wash the loofah well and allow it to dry out of the humid environment of the shower.

Putting the damp vegetable loofah in the microwave for about 20 seconds to sanitize it and replace the product whenever it changes color or has a smell is also recommended. Or even dip the loofah in a 5% bleach solution.

  1. The Door Handle

When we look at our hands, they are visibly clean, but they carry a lot of bacteria and, when we touch the handle, we make the transfer to it, as well as sweat and dirt. All this accumulates over time and can affect the metal on the door handle and may even cause some stains.

To clean the doorknob, Juliana suggests: periodically clean with a soft sponge, water, and neutral detergent. Wipe with a damp cloth and dry well with a microfiber cloth. There are lots of specialists that can handle repairs in the bathroom but the most important is finding the best plumber to do a good job for you