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The leading sports medicine clinic on the Western Slope is Colorado Advanced Orthopedics. Our board-certified orthopedic surgeons can accurately evaluate and treat your injury, allowing you to continue your active lifestyle with maximum performance. Knee Injuries Associated with Sport. The knee is your body’s most extensive and most complicated joint. It comprises a multitude of complex structures, such as bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons, and joins the two major bones in the leg (the thighbone and shinbone). The knee is highly vulnerable to damage due to the intricacy of the joint. This is especially true for athletes because the knee is the most commonly injured joint.

Because of the severe, rapid motions required, some sports are more demanding on the knees than others. The strain on the knee joint is enhanced when the knee twists, rotates or stops quickly. This can frequently result in significant injury. As a result, football, basketball, skiing, and jogging are more likely to cause knee injuries than other activities. In our sports medicine clinic, we provide a variety of treatments for sports-related knee injuries at Colorado Advanced Orthopedics, including Knee Meniscectomy. An arthroscopic meniscectomy is a minimally invasive outpatient treatment for treating a torn meniscus cartilage in the knee. Only the damaged meniscus fragment is removed.ACL Surgery – ACL surgery is used to repair or restore a torn ACL. Knee arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that can be used to diagnose and treat issues with the knee joint.

Our board-certified orthopedic surgeons in our sports medicine clinic can diagnose and treat your injury, giving you the great results you need to get back to living an active lifestyle. Our team has the knowledge and experience to treat almost any sports-related injury. Modes: At Colorado Advanced Orthopedics, we believe in providing the education necessary to help you avoid serious sports injuries. Help you maintain a healthy body, including Generalized fitness, strength and conditioning programming, Sports-specific strength and conditioning programming, Injury prevention programming, Injury recovery programming, Exercise in pregnancy advice and programming, and Exercise in postpartum direction. Programming Performance/sports psychology, Nutrition, Supplements, Body movement and mechanics, Weight loss, The “geriatric athlete” trying to maintain/prolong independence. We believe in giving the required education to help you avoid significant sports injuries at Colorado Advanced Orthopedics. We have several programs available to assist you in maintaining a healthy body, including Programming for general fitness, strength, and conditioning Strength and conditioning programs tailored to sports, Injury prevention education programming for injury recovery, Pregnancy exercise recommendations, and programming Practice postpartum counseling and programming, Sportpsychology/performance psychology Nutrition\sSupplements Body mechanics and movement Loss of weight The “geriatric athlete” who is attempting to maintain/extend their independence.