Wednesday, June 19

Painting Prices and Costs You Have to Bear During Renovation

When it comes to interior or exterior painting, then the cost factor comes at the forefront. When you are looking for the proper painting work, you expect the paint to last long and stay bright. According to that, you will have to know what kind of cost you will have to carry.

In Singapore, a large number of companies offer painting services, and you can choose any of them. But when it comes to the cost, you have to have a proper idea of what kind of quote you can expect from them based on the kind of work that you have. Here, we offer a few simple and clear ideas for you to gain a better understanding.

It is important to mention here that there are a number of factors that are included in the cost of painting services. The first factor is the quality and cost of the color, whereas the second one is the area to be covered. Added to this is the remuneration of the painters and the transport fees. When you make your calculations, you will have to take these matters in consideration. Make a visit to for a better grasp of painting costs in Singapore, as well as the breakdown on painting costings.

How Much do Singapore-based Services Cost?

When you are in Singapore, it is likely that you are living in a 3, 4 or 5-room flat. Let us have a look at what charges there are for painting those flats.

For 3-room flats, the cost is around $600 to $1300. It takes one to two days to complete the painting services there.

For 4-room flats, the cost is around $700 – $1500. It takes one to three days to complete the painting services there.

For 5-room flats, the cost is around $800 – $1800. It takes one to three days to complete the painting services there.

When it comes to the executive flats, then you can expect a price of $1300-$1900 for the whole painting work.

When it comes to other types of housing, then the following price chart is applicable for the same:

  • Below 1000 sqftCondo: $900 to $1300
  • 1200-1500 sqftCondo: $1100 to $1600
  • 1500-1800 sqftCondo: $1300 to $1700
  • 1800 sqft and more in Condo: $1500 and more
  • Executive HDB Apartment one-storey: $900 to $1700
  • Executive HDB Apartment two-storeys: $900 to $2000
  • Maisonette HDB apartment: $1000 to 1600

When You Hire a Service for Painting Your Room:

Singapore based companies have their room painting costs between $200 to $500. However, if you do the whole work on your own, the price is scaled down. But the labor and the time that you will have to dedicate in the process will be huge.

Other than these painting services, these companies are hired for other services as well, which includes wall painting, cabinet painting etc. They do their work with utmost dedication and have all the setup and arrangements required. You will not have to worry at all with them in action. So go for it and get the best service for your room painting now.