Wednesday, June 12

Rules to follow at a strip club

Melbourne has it all and when it comes to Strip Clubs Melbourne you have the best looking girls, great performers, best venues, best drinks and fun that never seems today stop. You may be surprise by what you find in Melbourne.

People who have never been to strip clubs and buy into the myths have tried to make these clubs seem more complicated and intimidating than they really are.  Even full nude strip clubs offer the same fun as all other establishments. The important thing is to know and follow the rules.

  1. Dress properly

Although most strip clubs in Melbourne don’t have a dress code, you can get more respect and better treatment if you show that you respect the establishment in how you present yourself.

  • Tip well


Tip the bartenders and the performers well and often and you will be surprised by how well your night may the out to be. Every dollar is appreciated, so you want star treatment open your wallet up a little bit.

  1. Avoid the front row

Front row seats are usually reserved for VIPs, regulars and big spenders. If you are going to be that guy who comes with single dollar bills, please don’t take the best seats in the house. If you can’t tip generously, allow those who can to have the best view.

There are people who go to strip clubs to stare at naked girls and not spend anything. Strip clubs are businesses and the staff makes a living only if you pay. So order some drinks at and tip the dancers.

  1. Be ready to buy a one-on-one experience.

You haven’t experienced the full strip club treatment if you never pay for a VIP Room performance. The price can be steep but the experience is worthwhile.

  1. Never touch

The performances are risqué and they can get too “in your face”. Some clubs allow touching but never be grabby and only do it if the dancer gives you the permission to touch. If in doubt, don’t touch.

  1. Keep it in your pants

You will get aroused by the dancers, it’s hard not to. Whatever happens, do not act on it. Keep your boner in your pants and your hands away from it. If you start grabbing things you will be summarily thrown out. Do not embarrass yourself.

Keep these rules and any others that a strip club has and you will have the time of your life. Break these rules and you Not only cause a scene and embarrass yourself but you could get yourself ejected from a club and maybe even banned.

Melbourne has a variety of Strip Clubs Melbourne offering a variety of entertainment. You just need to find out some information about the general etiquette at a club you are interested in before you go there. The rules are pretty simple. Common decency and respect goes a long way. If it’s your first time, ask someone who has had some experience to avoid turning what could be the best night of your life into a fiasco.