Wednesday, June 12

Surround Your Kitchen Area With Creativity by Adding A Touch of Art

A kitchen is like the heart of a home that has evolved from an aloof corner to being the core space where the entire family interacts and spends time together. Open kitchen is a common sight in every household nowadays and have become an activity space for families. Such a space deserves to be decorated with a good touch of artwork.

Reflecting the personality of the entire family

The kitchen wall is an ideal space that can be beautified with some artistic work

  • Opt for a mix of things including colour, texture, fun, and communication.
  • Add a personal touch that should reflect the personality of the entire family and not just one person
  • Kitchen wall art décor signs offer a perfect blend of rustic and modern look.
  • Traditional paints like wooden spoons and forks bring a pleasant and natural touch
  • The muted palette and classic artwork designs add a touch of countryside charm along with a natural and pleasant environment.

Buy some of the most beautiful and elegant paintings of oil painting artist Lana Zueva from Australia. She has studied painting with great teachers and mentors and has made oil painting her medium to translate her feelings on the canvas. You can buy her paintings from the website Lana Zueva Oil Painting Artist for kitchen décor.

Choose the right position

Since there are many gadgets in the kitchen with less wall space, the correct position for keeping an artwork can be closer to the busy area like the breakfast table or the work island. Another option is to place the artwork over the cabinets if the ceiling is at a good height.

  • Experiment with other forms of kitchen art like a sculptural light
  • Add a touch of artwork to your refrigerator or the breakfast table
  • Look for a piece of art with a ceramic plate series or one that involves kitchen utensils as the subjects, like a fork and a spoon engaged in a romantic dance.

While you shop for paintings online for the kitchen walls, considerLana Zueva’s

  • Sunny Kitchen Oil Painting
  • The Country Flowers Oil Painting or
  • The Milk Jug and a Plum Oil Painting

They make the most appropriate for a traditional and natural kitchen wall décor.

Landscape paintings for kitchens with small windows

Usually, the kitchen will not have big windows and hence there are no outside views. You may bring in some sunshine and a landscape into your cooking place with a pretty scenic painting.

  • Installing a stunning guitar on the kitchen walls
  • Adding canvas art from several artists
  • Gorgeous sea paintings meeting the sky compensate for the lack of a window in the kitchen.

You will get the best painting for your kitchen with Lana Zueva. The story of Lana Zueva is commendable as she has participated in the 2021 In d’Arcy Doyle Art Awards where two of her astonishing artworks were represented. She has also won the 2021 Gold Coast Award for her Sunny Bunny portrait artwork.

The beauty of the house cannot be enjoyed unless the kitchen environment is pleasant. So, make your kitchen walls impressive with new ideas to make it the happiest place of your home.