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The Perfect Marriage with the Best Diamond Ring: How You Would Choose?

The desire to share ourselves with one person for the rest of our lives is beautiful, even more than beautiful, at the same time joyful and happy. That is why in all countries the marriage ceremony is celebrated by a big noisy company, the culprits for the holiday, of course, in the spotlight. If you have attended the wedding at least once, then you know that this is a great opportunity for fun, but it seems only to the guests, the newlyweds have a lot of time, not only at the wedding, but before and after. Choosing the Black Diamond Ring is perfect in this case.

What a ring selection process!

Due to certain circumstances, many do not know what types of wedding rings exist, so we will start with this question, after which we will gradually move on to the peculiarities of jewelry selection that will symbolically fix one of the most significant events in the lives of men and women.

Engagement ring and wedding rings: what’s the difference?

In that one difference lies the whole complexity that falls on the shoulders of man (after all, he is the one who gives his half!), Let us understand. An offer of a hand and a heart, that moment of kneeling and a gift of a small velvet box with a precious ring inside, not on all the wedding rings, as many think, but only one an engagement ring.

Traditionally, only a girl wears an engagement ring, wearing it until the time comes to change it into an engagement ring, although in countries it is common to wear an engagement ring after a wedding, but on the ring of her left hand. The tied rings were also paired, that is, for both men and women, but in 9 out of 10 cases the sentence was made with a single ring, a female one.

Now the logical question arises: what should an engagement ring be?

The answer is simple: traditionally it is white gold (platinum) with a diamond, but not everyone can afford such an option there are silver engaged rings with zirconium, they cost very little, such jewelry can be bought by almost anyone. The only thing left for a man is to go to the store and buy it, for that you need: inspect the jewelry your other half is wearing; find out the size of the ring on her left hand; based on the propensity of the future spouse to purchase a suitable ring.

After that, you can safely order a table at the restaurant and, at the end of the evening, after a wonderful dinner, with a glass of champagne, make your beloved wife happy, because she certainly deserves it. On the other hand, they buy a wedding ring for the wedding both future spouses participate in the selection process, relying on their taste, budget and, of course, tradition. This issue needs to be addressed in more detail.

Choosing wedding rings

Imagine the situation: the girl replied, “Yes!”, The next day you immediately went to the wedding ring and now, in the jewelry salon, you are shown dozens of options, and you do not know what to choose. All the rings merge into one, incomprehensible and incomprehensible this means that you have no control over the situation, it always happens when you have no idea about the topic of conversation, or you do not understand the product being bought.

To prevent this from happening, you should study all the nuances of this complex issue in advance and then go for jewelry so success is guaranteed.

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Choose the Metal Carefully

Rings of red and yellow gold are considered classic, but they look very simple, especially in light of recent years, during which the popularity of gold has reached incredible heights. Good options are platinum and all kinds of alloys based on it even if it is expensive, it is still reliable, status and beautiful.

You can do as you have done since ancient times to use silver wedding rings, but jewelers are not advised to do so, not because of the cheapness of the material. The fact is that silver is very, very soft, no matter how you like this material, you can’t wear it all the time then it is guaranteed that the rings will deform and you have to take them to the workshop.

Therefore, consider the traditional options of gold: it is the best solution.

At the same time, keep in mind that the higher the metal pattern, the higher its price, the brighter the gloss and the softer the structure. High-quality metals bend easily, but 585 test rings, for example, are characterized by enviable strength.

Design of the Ring

With the advent of the Internet and the massive mix of traditions and styles, almost all taboos have disappeared: today you don’t have to buy a smooth ring so, according to belief, life is also smooth, and decor including stones and engravings is highly valued. Moreover, today it is not even necessary to collect paired rings, i.e. those that are similar to each other – spouses can have two completely different rings.

The main rule is: wedding rings should be absolutely similar to future brides, because they will have to wear these beautiful symbols for the rest of their lives. So, you should not indulge in tradition at the expense of personal aesthetic preferences: when choosing a ring design, a man should be guided by his own taste, and a girl by her own and selected models will guarantee satisfaction in your marriage.

Ring width

Wedding rings can be 2 to 12 millimeters wide first, it allows everyone to choose a model that will look harmonious on the hand, and secondly, the weight of the ring depends on the width, which means its value, which allows showing their durability or conversely, it, saves little. The width of the ring should be such as to balance the length of the fingers. Determine the optimal size to help you in any wedding salon or jewelry store through multiple connectors of different models.

Ringtone profile

A profile is a shape that can be seen by cutting a ring. The traditional version is considered a smooth inner part and a rounded outer part, but recently, at the peak of popularity, another possibility has emerged to round off the ring on the inside, on the outside. The unofficial name of this form is comfort, which means “comfortable fit,” as you understand, the name speaks for itself.