Monday, April 15


You’re probably too busy with the routine. Work, college, teaching, gym, taking care of children and many others until you forget that your best friend, sister, brother, girlfriend, and even your parents have birthdays or celebrate special moments. You can simply forget to give gifts to your loved ones.

Some people may not have the time to shop for gifts. You could also invite the specific person so they can choose an appropriate gift. And time feels so tight to think about what to buy and where. As for shopping and looking for gifts for special moments, it takes a long time.

Those who are not used to choosing gifts will most likely run out of ideas to give gifts until the last minute. But don’t worry, there are many choices of last-minute gifts for your special person on his special day. Here’s a last-minute gift based on a special moment.

  1. Flower bouquet

It is no longer a secret that flowers are a form of expression of others’ affection. Flowers also have a lot of meanings. Just take a little time to order a bouquet at your favorite florist shop. Or for a more simple way, nowadays you can order it online. Just mention for whom the flower you want to buy then the florist will be happy to help you choose a bouquet that suits your meaning and purpose. When looking online, you can look for gift delivery Singapore.

  1. Chocolate bouquet

If you think a bouquet of flowers is too mainstream on Valentine’s Day or Anniversary, a chocolate bouquet might be unique enough. Try to give a sweet surprise through chocolate bouquet Singapore that becomes your loved one’s favorite. It can be a collection of chocolates arranged in such a way as to form a beautiful series shaped like a bouquet of flowers. Simple but guaranteed to make their eyes open wide when receiving it.

  1. Chocolate package

A lot of people say chocolate can improve mood, especially for women. For those of you who want to give the best gift for a partner, especially a female, giving them premium chocolate with the best quality is the right way. By giving them premium chocolate, the person who receives the gift would think that he/she is special in your life.

  1. Teddy bear


Have you ever almost forgotten Valentine’s Day or your girlfriend’s birthday? It could be worse. You haven’t gotten her a gift until it’s last minute. A teddy bear can be an option that can’t go wrong on Valentine’s Day or your girlfriend’s birthday. She would smile cheerfully when she sees an adorable figure after opening your gift. Get ready, for she would love you even more.

  1. Perfume set

Perfume is not only useful for fragrances, refreshing clothes, and creates a certain atmosphere or mood in your home, but also a gift that touches the emotional side. Giving perfume shows that you pay attention to the recipient and think about what they might like. That is an advantage of buying a perfume set as a last-minute gift. Perfume is a special gift because it is not generally purchased nearby. With beautiful packaging and fragrance, perfume signifies that the recipient is so special and valuable.

  1. Wine

Wine can be a wonderful gift for many different occasions as it can be used to celebrate so many things. When invited to someone’s house, you can bring wine to enjoy with food. You can enjoy wine while celebrating weddings, births, graduations, and commemorative events. Wine can also be a very appropriate professional gift, especially if you choose luxury wines. To get wine at this time is not difficult. Many specialty shops provide wine in the shopping center in your area. Or it’s easier to order it online, and in an instant, you’ll receive wine wrapped in a beautiful ribbon.

  1. Wine glass set

Wine is one of the luxury drinks, also exclusive. If the quality of the wine is the best quality, then the glass can not be the usual. A wine glass is a glass used to drink wine. Because wine is a quality drink, the glass needs to have quality. To celebrate a special moment with your business colleagues, a wine glass set can be a choice of fruits. Besides being beautiful and exclusive, this item is still easy to find in e-commerce.

  1. Champagne

Champagne in its home country, France, is a symbol of success. Therefore, champagne is the right drink to accompany a celebration. The tradition of celebrating something with champagne is already ingrained in France, England, and the European region, especially among the elite. The high price of a champagne bottle is in line with the philosophy contained in it. When we see a bottle of champagne thrown on the podium for the sake of tradition, it brings an understanding that winning is so expensive.

  1. Beer set

Who doesn’t like beer? It is the most powerful creation of the human mind in the world. Beer not only improves the performance of the daily routine of the connoisseur but also makes a lot of work problems disappear with just one shoot. Beer is also very suitable to be enjoyed in different weather types, especially for tropical climate countries. Celebrating the love of beer is fun. For example, giving three cans of your friend or family member’s favorite beer is not difficult, isn’t it?

  1. Baby newborn set

When your best friend or co-workers give birth, you can not visit them without bringing anything in your hands. An easier option is to deliver food. But a gift in the form of goods will be a more useful gift for the long term. Last-minute gifts that you can give to newborns include cutlery, toiletries, baby clothes, diapers, baby growth toys, stroller, baby bicycle, and baby car seat.

  1. Skincare set

Lovers of beauty products on the list, you will surely appreciate this gift. All girls are obsessed with a healthy, bright, and radiant face.  To support the current appearance, skincare is needed for women. Choose product skincare that people usually use, and this gift will be the best gift for her. Help your loved ones to show their perfect appearance.

  1. Body care set

For both men and women, self-indulgence is a natural thing to do. For your loved ones, lovers, best friends, older sisters, even your parents must be in the care of your body. Give them a good set of body treatments with their favorite aroma. You would want to help them to be able to unwind a little, relax from the myriad routines that are lived.