Saturday, July 20

Your lead to Slingo bingo and all you must know about it

Slingo games enable players from all around the world who are using the internet to play with each other. It is like a 75 ball bingo game and also has a combination of the old and traditional slot machines.

This game is played on a 5 X 5 grid which has a number from 1 – 75 and 5 rows of number which are in the multiple of 15.

There is a reel at the bottom of the screen which allows us to see only one reel at a time while the texas holdem poker can show us up to 3 reels at the same time.

Slingo is just like bingo, but the only difference is that in random bingo number are picked and called while in Slingo you will have to spin the reel and then match the number according to it.

At first, Slingo was released like a fun little time pass game to play by some guys who work as real estate developer in New Jersey.

After it became so famous, then it was released online so that millions of players from around the world who like to gamble can come and play this game if they want to do so.

Slingo is a perfect combination of bingo and slots, and those people who like any of these two games will definitely try to play this game at least once to just try it out.

Disadvantages of online gambling

Here are the disadvantages that occur due to online gambling.

  • Convenience and comfort:-

Due to gambling being brought online and available 24 hours open a day, the people who like to gamble will sit just at one place at any point of time and start to gamble.

Those people who like to gamble even do it in the middle of the night because the online server is not shot off during the night.

Gambling can be an addictive habit for almost every person and may result in addiction, and once addicted, the habit will take a long time to go.

  •  Risk of rogue operators:-

 There is a vast number of sites that you can use to play Slingo game, but the only difference is that most of these sites are genuine and honest and do not steal their player info or their money.

There are some people who might try to do this thing, but there are only a few of them, and they are easily recognized and caught before stealing anyone’s money.

  •  Lack of personal interaction:-

 There is a lack of personal interaction online as people are gambling online and don’t seem to be playing the game and talking with each other.

Some people think that its good to walk into a casino and play while some prefer to stay back at home and gamble online in full comfort.

  •  Long cash out times:-

 If you are present there personally in a casino and then you wish to cash out then its instant payment in cash and if you live in America, then you will have to wait sometime so that the money is transferred to your bank account.