Wednesday, June 19

Top 4 Apps To Edit Photo Background Online


You don’t have to be an expert to edit the background of your picture. All you have to do is use an application to edit photo background online (edit background foto online, which is a term in Indonesian). There are a variety of options on the internet. It is relatively difficult to choose the best one and not regret your decision.

If you are a beginner, here is a list of five applications that you can use to edit the background of your pictures online.

1.         Facetune

Facetune is a famous application where people use deceiving feature-enhancing tools. There are several other options to change the background of the image as well. You can add overlay textures to edit photo backgrounds online. If you are not sure which tool to use, click on the info button and watch the mini-tutorial completely. The only drawback is that the application is expensive.

2.         LightX

There is a myriad of options available in LightX. It is free for Android users, while iOS users have to pay a small amount to operate it. The tools are easy to use and well-organized in a sidebar. You can even add tones and frames to your image. Tools like curves, levels, and balances are also good to use. One of the best features of LightX is Magic Brush. This tool helps you to change the background without changing the foreground.

3.         Simple Background Changer

It is one of the best applications to edit photo backgrounds online, with over 40,000 positive reviews. You can download it for free. But, if you want a premium experience, it comes with a nominal cost. The only limitation of this app is that only Android users have access to use the app. Moreover, you can replace the background with the transparent green layer if anything goes wrong.

4.         Superimpose

It is the most powerful app that helps you to create simple backgrounds. With a nominal subscription, you can get to use all the features to design those real-looking backgrounds. After changing the background, you can also adjust the saturation, exposure, and all the other elements of the image. The advanced tools include a double exposure feature and different blending modes.


All the apps mentioned above give you a different experience in editing the background of the pictures online. If you don’t only want to change the backgrounds, you can also use the applications for other editing work.