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What are Important Facts about Root Canal? 

A root canal is a treatment that most patients worry about. Various people are afraid of learning about root canal treatment, but it is nothing as serious as people think about it. The fact is different from what people consider about root canal treatment. It helps combat infection in the teeth and extract the infected pulp. Therefore, it is one of the most significant treatments for patients. 

However, there are various misunderstandings associated with root canal treatment, and therefore, in this article, we will clarify such misunderstandings. If you are in Mill Creek, it is essential to consult an expert implant dentist in Mill Creek and other specialist doctors if you face any dental issues.  

What are Significant Facts About Root Canal? 

  • A root canal helps to eliminate pain rather than causing it: It is a common misunderstanding among people that a root canal causes pain, but the fact is different. A root canal is a procedure in which there are attempts to eliminate the infection, pain, and discomfort. It helps to remove the infected pulp to protect your tooth from infection. Additionally, there are more benefits because of the advancement of technologies that make this procedure painless. 
  • A root canal helps to save your teeth: It is important to note that a root canal procedure helps to keep your teeth from infection and resorting to the last resort of tooth extraction. If a patient does not opt for a root canal, then there is a chance that the tooth will get more infected, and it will lead to tooth extraction. Thus, it becomes essential to have a root canal so that you are not relying on the tooth extraction procedure and save your natural tooth. 
  • It is not true that every toothache requires a root canal. If you are worried that even a mild toothache will need a root canal, then you are wrong. A root canal is suggested by doctors only when there is severe pain and infection. If the pain is solvable by medications, then doctors would resort to such a solution, but if there is a huge cavity and pain, then the root canal treatment would be better to save your tooth.  
  • Root canal treatment helps to protect the surrounding tooth: It is important to note that root canal treatment helps to protect the surrounding tooth because when an infection from the tooth is removed on time, it helps to protect the surrounding tooth. The infection will be restricted from spreading to the nearby tooth, thus protecting it from infection.