Sunday, July 21

Day: October 4, 2020


Your lead to Slingo bingo and all you must know about it

Slingo games enable players from all around the world who are using the internet to play with each other. It is like a 75 ball bingo game and also has a combination of the old and traditional slot machines. This game is played on a 5 X 5 grid which has a number from 1 - 75 and 5 rows of number which are in the multiple of 15. There is a reel at the bottom of the screen which allows us to see only one reel at a time while the texas holdem poker can show us up to 3 reels at the same time. Slingo is just like bingo, but the only difference is that in random bingo number are picked and called while in Slingo you will have to spin the reel and then match the number according to it. At first, Slingo was released like a fun little time pass game to play by some guys who work as real estate ...